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Ladies and gentlemen please give it up for the one, the only, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem!

The crowd goes wild.

When you’re a diehard Mayhead, you know that the only rules for music, and life, are to, as the band sings, “rock and roll all night and party every day.”  

But that’s not really how Nora Singh rolls. In fact, she believes the lyrics to The Electric Mayhem’s popular song (which sounds an awful lot like a KISS song, as well) are “rock and roll all night and part of the day.” After all, how can you just do that all night? Surely you need rest. Structure. 

Nora certainly does. Her entire life functions as well as it does (though some might argue how great her life actually is) because she enjoys creating order in chaos. And she’s determined to bring that same level of order and structure to this rocking and rolling group. 

But it’s not going to be easy.

See, the record label she works for, Wax Twin Records, is going under. And the only way to save the company, and her job, is to bolster its popularity by snagging a recording from The Electric Mayhem–something they’ve owed the label for a long time. It’s either that or they pay back their loan of $420,000. 

Money isn’t really the band’s jam, though. And if they could pay Wax Twin Records back in good vibes, they would. But things have changed since the ’70s and that’s not really gonna work. 

The only solution for the label, and Nora, is to get The Electric Mayhem to record that album and get it out to the world. 

For Nora, it’s going to take a ton of patience, a lot of flexibility and the ability to go with the flow as she works with the group and convinces the CEO of her label, Penny Wax, that these guys are easier to work with than they were in the past. And for the group, it’s going to take a little less carefree and a lot more compromise

Only the strings of time will tell if they’ll be able to pull this one off. 

The Muppets Are Still Jamming 

Disney+ is trying to breathe fresh air into the Muppets franchise with The Muppets Mayhem. 

No need to put the band back together, though. This TV-PG musical features The Electric Mayhem that was introduced to the world back during the original Muppets Show, including leader Dr. Teeth on the keyboards, people-loving Janice on lead guitar, chill-and-casual Sgt. Floyd Pepper on bass, incoherent Lips on the trumpet, oblivious Zoot on the saxophone and wild and crazy Animal on the drums. 

The change up here comes with mixing the group with music lover and label assistant Nora Singh and her popular, wealthy younger sister, Hannah. It shows how the two have weathered their father’s death from a young age and how they still need one another now, even if they don’t care to admit it. 

It also features a ton of crazy super fans, including a guy named Moog. But the tune this show plays isn’t always family friendly. 

For starters, this psychedelic band enjoys partying. We see them, along with their fans, drinking out of red solo cups and even sitting in a VW van as suspicious smoke swirls around in one very quick scene. We also witness some puppet flirting, some sexual innuendo and a borderline creepy, potentially pedophilic statement where an elderly female puppet says that she dated three famous men and that “young was too old” for her. Also, Janice is very into yoga and signs of the universe. 

For those who grew up watching the muppets, this show definitely has some fun moments of nostalgia. But that doesn’t mean that the themes here are for every family.

Episode Reviews

May 10, 2023–S1, Ep1: “Track 1: Can You Picture That?”

Nora Singh learns that the music label she works for, Wax Twin Records, is going under. So, she reaches out to Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem to see if they can record their overdue album and save the label. 

Dr. Teeth realizes he knows Penny Wax, telling Nora he used to date her but then broke up with her. They both admit to still loving one another. He says that she used to enjoy “being squeezed,” and although he is referring to compression socks, there is obvious sexual innuendo as well. Penny says that she once dated three men (possibly at once) and that “young was too old.” 

Animal thinks Nora is pretty and flirts with her. Janice says she’d like to find a place that offers “pants-free hot yoga.” Dr. Teeth asks Nora for a towel as he is, apparently, naked in a hot tub. Actor Tommy Lee (as himself) lifts up his shirt in one scene. 

The Mayhem sing that they want to “rock and roll all night and party every day.” The Mayhem and their fans drink out of red solo cups at parties where they dance around. Dr. Teeth offers Nora a cocktail. In one scene, the group are driving in their psychedelic van and smoke surrounds them. 

Nora and her sister, Hannah, talk about the sorrow of losing their father at a young age. 

We hear words like “jeez” and “shut up,” along with a misuse of God’s name.

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